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Cutting tubes and profiles using laser technology

We can offer you a reduction in manufacturing costs related to the cutting of hollow profiles through removing the necessity for the following operations:

  • drilling, cutting, milling, punching and interstage manipulation
  • speeding up the manufacturing process
  • cost savings on tool manufacture.

Additional advantages of laser cutting

  • part nesting capability for profiles and tubes
  • optimisation of product yield from a single bar to minimise scrap
  • extreme cutting precision
  • holes in bent profile edges

Basic information about material processing:

The indicated equipment is suitable for processing carbon and stainless steel, respectively aluminium alloys, with a maximum length of input intermediate product of 8 500 mm, a minimum length of 3 200 mm and a maximum weight of 15 kg/m (maximum bar weight 100 kg) for the following sections:

  • round from 12 mm to 140 mm
  • square with sides from 12 mm to 120 mm
  • rectangular and flattened ovals that fit inside a circle with a diameter of 170 mm with a minimum side length of 10 mm, a maximum side length of 140 mm and a maximum difference in side lengths of 110 mm
  • minimum scrap at the end of the bar is 75 mm

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